Together Until the End The thoughts like suicide loses meaning If done more than twice Never look back, Keep plowing ahead None of this will matter when we are all dead Nuclear holocaust, burning until there is no resolve Whoever said the cold war had ended is dead now I’m telling you to have something to […]

I know everything I need to do but I’m just scared… Everything lasts if only for a moment. A moment in time lost forever… Feel so left out even though I was invited. Invitation still in the mail I suppose. Invited none the less. It was as though we could have sat this one out […]

Classes Start It’s ten a.m. and I’m nearly a hundred percent certain that I am in the wrong class room, but I have no plans of leaving. The teacher, a young woman who is probably a few years older than me with rather large breasts, passes out the syllabus to the class. A two to […]

Breakdown Working towards something Pushing myself to the edge The brink of everything that’s real The point at which I am dead Keeps digging, the mind wants more Keep reliving, the memories I deserve Stains on broken glass Visions left without words Bring to life everything that I fear Bring the innocent to their knees […]

Another shitty night bleeds into another subconscious day Locked into nothing at all, fight to stay awake Breaking bones to stay in the game with no goal If only I had known the rules might not have tried at all Gave it away for nothing at all, Giving it away A cause and effect of […]

Distance It will be spring in hell soon. In most places that means tons of flowers with birds chirping on every tree branch, but in reality, here all it means is bitter fucking cold that forces my dick deep within my body like a turtle hiding in its shell. In many ways I am like […]

“You know who I want to hear from?” After a very long awkward pause the voice continues, “I would like to hear from Franklin. Would you like to share today Franklin.” “It’s Frank dipshit,” the man riddled with bullet holes stands up. “You don’t have to stand up Franklin,” Sylvia says before laughing. Frank slams […]

Purgatory Part 1 “The blood leaks from the holes in my chest. My white shirt fills with red, a stain I will never forget, as the bloody shirt clings to my chest. I can remember trying to raise my head up. I can remember trying to understand what is happening to me, but it is […]