“Am I being recorded?” “I hope you don’t mind. It is for journalistic purposes. Try to not let it affect you or your responses. Best to think of it not being there.” “Okay.” “So you wanted to tell me something about where you work and how it pertains to my story?” “You won’t publish my […]

Her pain is internal, long lasting, and forever. It is a constant as rich as her words. Nothing seems to make her happy anymore. She is lost. In a place, I can no longer find. It is as though from time to time she has an out of body experience. An external meltdown where she […]

And I’m Back Again The woman plops down every sex toy we have in the store, which isn’t much but she has managed to find every single one we offer. She’s found every single lubricant, every vibrating touch, she even brought up every men’s vibrating razor, and every battery to back them up. There is […]

We all have something to distract us. For some t is things. Mountains and mountains of shit with no apparent meaning. For others it is sex. One if not the greatest distractions there is or could ever be. For those with this affliction, they have yet to experience one of many types of accidents. Whether it […]

Sharing in your tragedy A loveless relationship built on pain Discuss our inner fears Friendship only meant to get us through a time Long lasting, forever scared Torn between two ideas One I’ve had another only thought of A dream of what you became Sad, sickly, lonely GIF of a man Spoke my peace now […]