What… No horror story?… honestly couldn’t come up with anything more terrifying than the idea that I won’t be back until January… That’s right… it is that time again… really hope that you have enjoyed these last few months… the stories… the Broken Thoughts… and the rambling… enough about looking back… it is time to […]

Misconception of Myself Getting me down was never the difficult part Brining me back from the edge Going to take more than a few words Let me die, only to do it again A cycle on repeat Broken switch called me Thoughts and feelings in a blender Puree An emotional wreck Starting to understand Walking […]

Slowly killing myselfLiving life, not fast enoughDying life, not slow enoughSpeed it upLet it goBreathe a littleKeep fucking runningNot enoughAdd it upSubtract the dreamSlowly killing myselfLiving life, not slow enoughDying life, not fast enoughDrag it inHold on tightExhale a littleKeep fucking pullingNot enough effortAdd it upSubtract the wantNothing equals what you giveLiving on fumesBeing dragged […]

Digging a graveSame as youMeet you thereIf there even existsLighting the candleFor your soulBet I’ll be you thereSmile on my faceA shame buried in my heartTake everything handed outTake everything you areWilling to give awayFears, regrets, embarrassmentsDemon born of the nightAn asshole without a faceFound my purposeNow there is no going backPeel the curtain to […]