Getting Harder to Breathe

I spent a life time not on social media. Recently I joined up and now I am behind once again. The world keeps spinning, dredging up old wounds. Starting over can be the hardest part. A lot of us get lost in the darkness forgetting who we are or what we stand for. Mass media has long been the standard for the writer. The credible source. I used to joke, play around, and dream of a world of miss information. Then I grew up, then it actually happened. It wasn’t what I had hoped for. It wasn’t what it seemed like it would be.

The fake news, the real news they try to replace each other. Switch their roles. This isn’t the first time in our history or any body’s history. We went to war over miss information. Sadly, it won’t be the last except this time could very well be the last time. Things have changed since the USS Maine wasn’t attacked by Spain. Information is power and without it we are all weak. Without reliable information and a wave of mass information I find myself being turned off by it all. Isolating myself as everyone else is or is slowly doing. Wait for the history books to be written just so I can know what I lived through. Has it always been like this?

I like to think that it hasn’t until I read old books from the past discussing topics of today. I don’t mean science fiction or future utopias with flying cars. What I mean is topics about abortion, immigration, security, and others. Topics that have never changed or even given a chance to change. Stuck in the same place for over a hundred or more years. Some of these problems have been problems for so long it is amazing they are still problems. Example? Imagine you never learned to use a toilet. Imagine you have been shitting and pissing on yourself since the moment you were born. Do you believe that doing it at eighty is really a problem? No, it is normal. Imagine how much better your life could have been if you had tried to learn. Even after you moved out of the comfort of your parents’ home. Maybe they had different views or concerns about shitting your pants. That’s okay every parent is different, but there comes a time you must decide for yourself what you believe. A time when you enter society and realize we don’t all piss right then and there. We follow order and rule. For better or worse we make rules to avoid the chaos of it all. They don’t always work. Sometimes things have to be changed or given a chance. No one society is perfect or believes the same exact things. We hold many similar views, but many of those have evolved over time. The issues of the past need to stop bleeding out our future.

A hundred years ago they didn’t have to worry about global warming. It wasn’t a thing. Well, it was maybe depending on what you believed caused it, but the point is now we do have to worry about it. Life evolves is what I am getting at and living with your head in the ground isn’t going to help any. We need to stop avoiding the problems and move on from them. You may not believe global warming exist. Okay fine by me no judgement here, but when you get a moment go into your garage. Don’t bother opening the door, and turn your car on. Whether you believe global warming exist or not… you wouldn’t do what I just said to do. No one is that stupid without a purpose. Global Warming is the same concept but on a global scale.

There are a lot of things that need facts and statistics… maybe even a fuck ton of science. But not every thing needs fancy fixens. Maybe if we all cut back on emissions… hold countries and companies accountable… the world will still get hotter. Maybe it won’t. Who the fuck knows, but at the very least the air gets cleaner, the trees come back stronger, and best of all we leave a world for our asshole children to destroy? Isn’t that the real goal in life? We act as if we even try to make a change we might all suffocate to death… It is fucking madness. Ass backwards and always ready to forge ahead. All I am trying to saying is let’s move past these trivial things that hold us down. Shit cost money, shit takes up our time, and unfortunately things change from time to time. Now if you will excuse me, I have to change my pants.

Tune in next week when I discuss abortion in a series… I like to call Alienating Myself From Myself… If you get offended very easily… you are going to love this shit...



  1. Well, if the so-called powers that be really cared about the climate or “climate change” they’d quit messing with the weather and spraying shit in the air every day. Sadly, this is not true. It’s just another division between folks and another way to rule with fear. Governments don’t care about the people, the planet, or health. They care about power and destruction, ‘order’ out of the chaos they created.

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    • So true that it hurts… none of it makes any sense… I don’t understand how the powers at be don’t understand… that if we are all gone… there’s no power to be had… then they like to throw in religion… at that point I just want to drag my face across the ground… one would think that if that is so very important to them… keeping our world healthy would be their number one cause… that making sure the earth was clean… would be all that they care about… no matter the cost… no matter the push back… but apparently honoring your god… means burning down their house… who knew?…

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