And Other Things From This Time…

Long Before

The blood it drips as it falls
The life fails as it goes on
The end is near
Though it has been all along
The difference between life and death
Is a heartbeat
The soul fades as it goes
The death grows as it goes
The end is near
Though it has been all along
The difference between life and death
Is a heartbeat
The difference between life and death
Is a heartbeat
A heartbeat that no longer seems to feel
Destroy the will and what became left
Soulless but who really knows before it is too late
The difference between life and death
Is nothing more than a heartbeat
The difference between me and you
Is nothing more than a heartbeat
The loneliness, the sadness, the happiness
Is nothing more than a heartbeat away
The heartbeats from within my chest
The life flows from out my wrist
The end is near but it was there long before

List of Words

Some, days, I, just, wish, the, world, would, die, an, all, this, pain, could, go, away, I, dream, in, blood, I, dream, in, liquid, secretly, watching, the, human, race, disappear, discretely, having, a, hand, in, every, death, easily, amused, toxically, confused, I, always, assumed, everyone, felt, like, me, with, a, gun, to, my, head, in, the, middle, of, times, square, not, important, unless, your, famous, each, life, started, the, same, just, some, are, worth, more, in, the, end, listen, to, me, I, sound, like, a, commi, how, un-American, how, un-human, starving, for, attention, dying, for, just, a, mention, of, my, existence, easily, amused, toxically, confused, easily, amused, some, days, I, just, wish, the, world, would, die, and, I, could, assist, lighter, and, can, of, gasoline, in, hand, I, want, to, watch, this, world, burn, watch, the, survivors, crawl, through, the, ash, and, fuck, it, up, once, again, again, again, we, are, the, cockroaches, of, the, universe, universally, fucked,  begging, for, god, begging, for, any, thing, prayers, un-answered, beings, being, slaughtered, starving, surviving, dying, this, is, the world, you, live, in,  I, will, just, keep, taking, my, pills, cause, you’re, to, easily, amused.

Not the happiest pair of poems… but equally showcasing the two sides of depression…  List of Words is actually originally from Drinking Bleach and is one of the first things I wrote for that book… It is older and there for I am older since I wrote it… Assuming I aged at all or grew up since then… You can be the judge… but as much as I enjoy the nostalgia of it….

The world is in a very different place than it was when I wrote it… A sadder place I would have to say… Violence is never the answer… but I whole heartily believe there is a difference between venting frustration and acting it out… Anger… rage… and hurt are all normal emotions… Like all emotions good or bad they fade…

Now that I am older it reads very differently than when I wrote it… Writing to me is very therapeutic… It frees up thoughts or feelings that I have to make room for positive ones… I debated whether to include it… but I think that it is good… interesting… and different… Even if it isn’t true or a positive way to go about feelings such as anger… rage… or hurt… 

I’m saying all of this not because I feel guilty… but in many ways writing is very unique… There are few mediums of expression where you can be in a person’s head… Even if it is only for a second or a moment… Was I angry when I wrote the piece?… Yes… Can I remember why I was?… Not for all the money in the world… but I was… And I think that is something we can all relate too on some level… Which is also how I feel about Long Before… The difference between everything is a heartbeat so… keep your heart beating and all will work itself out… 

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