Broken Thoughts…

We give it up
We give it all up in blood
Until we are nothing
Never enough for some or no one at all
We turn it over
We turn it over with our souls
Until we have nothing left
Never enough for most or anyone at all
We work it all
We work it all with our lives
Until it is all we are
Never enough so we come back for more

A hopeless excuse to wake up every morning…

Wearing myself thin, dead skin mask
Stretched so tight, who am I supposed to be
If I can’t be you
Envision myself to be better
Lies I tell myself to get by
Broken boned and everything I despise
Two more days and I’ll be okay
Keep telling myself the same old shit
Hasn’t worked yet, what’s the meaning of insanity
Beating my head against the wall
Soon all the thoughts will flow out
Soon all that is wrong will be right again
Long drawn out thoughts
With no meaning at all

Life is descending into a lost cause…

Scars cut across my heart
The dead look in your eyes
Been so long since, a long time since
Once held on so tight
Like it mattered, like it was
The distance between our lips
A difference between screaming and yelling
What it is and what it was
Been so long since, a long time ago
That your words didn’t hurt
Didn’t leave little tiny scars across my heart
Where did you go and where have you been
A love I no longer know

Broken Thoughts

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