Broken Thoughts…

Another shitty night bleeds into another subconscious day
Locked into nothing at all, fight to stay awake
Breaking bones to stay in the game with no goal
If only I had known the rules might not have tried at all
Gave it away for nothing at all, Giving it away
A cause and effect of a generation gone by
The words change but they always mean the same thing
Killing the weak to prove I’m strong for no reason at all
Another shitty week produces yet another worthless year
Feel the time pass without doing anything in between the seconds
Fighting with myself, against myself for reasons unknown
The rules were etched in stone, lost to time
Dictating how we live or not at all
The words make no sense but always mean the same thing

Sacrificing myself to an unholy satisfaction…

Not cold enough to snow, cold enough to realize I could die
Think it is forever, life is a shortest amount of time
Lasting forever is an immortal thought left to the damned
Heaven is a lost idea of freedom, heaven is nothing more than a tool
Conditions will not improve until we improve them
Always waiting for someone, someone to fix the problem
Our own salvation lost in the lazy complications we create
Bleed for your freedom, stop believing in imaginary things
Die for the things you want, do you still want them after the threat
The threat of losing it all was it worth it for nothing at all
Heaven is a place on earth, hell sowed right beside it
Choices are made with or without your consent
Decide which side you stand on
A widening gap for us to fall in

Give in is to die but I’ve been dead for so long…

Teeth pressed against the steel
Grinding away, layer by layer 
Until there is nothing left
But the images of the monsters
Inside your head
Heaven sent you
The devil accepted the invitation 
Of what you’ve always been
Marching in on bloody knees
Begging and pleading
If only there was something more
If only this wasn’t how it was
Might have marched farther 
Than from there to here
Then again how could one ever know

Broken Thoughts

Thought about it deeply… but then again… I don’t spend much time thinking about anything… Not long enough at least… could spend more time… thinking about the things that make me… me… teeth against the steel… knees bleeding… and I thought… maybe then I’d know… that all this sacrifice was for something more… What is it we thinking about when we think about nothing at all?…

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