Broken Thoughts… Never Say Ever…

Giving into what you have to give
Taking back what has already been taken
The blood drips from your mouth
The taste so rotten it begins to sink in
And I know that this can only be the beginning
What is life without the resistance of assistance
Succumbing to what it is you have to give
Took it for everything this life was worth
The life slips off your lips onto the ground
The vision so unpleasant it begins to set in
And I know this is so far from the end
What is life without the resistance of instance
Giving into what you have to give
To become something more in line with destruction
The devil doesn’t offer advice on the
Resistance to the assistance of an instance

My goal isn’t to own the world…. it is to exist within it…

Sheltering within my skin
I no longer nowhere to begin
Turned down again and again
On shaking legs…
I have to learn to stand again
On shaky limbs… must begin again
Depression setting in
I can feel it taking me back under
Clawing at me again and again
With shaking hands…
I have to learn to survive again
With shaky limbs… must survive again
Never say never… never say ever…
A silent commitment to a life I cannot live
Never say never… Never say ever…
Don’t waste the time on things that aren’t true

A true love story always ends in tragedy…

Head full of dust and forgotten memories
Sifting through the words
Images from a time before
The now and then
How I felt was never how it was meant to be
How it is… is never how I felt
Take each step carefully
Walking backwards in hopes I can
Get back to where this all began
Back before the memories and the pain
Time doesn’t work like that
Nothing works like that
If it did… I never would have felt like this
Done is done as they say a chorus of fools
If it feels like this it never was meant to be
A heart full of gravel and lungs full of lead
It wasn’t you who poisoned my soul
A sickness found from within… where it begins

Broken Thoughts

Been awhile since I had something to say… been too long if you ask me… but no one’s really asking much of anything anymore around here… The House That Depression Built… is going through a few changes… bear with us as we transition to something a bit different and more of the same… A redesign seems fitting… but we aren’t all to sure what that means at the moment… themes and ideas change as we progress on through… Lining projects up for the future…

Another volume of Broken Thoughts is on the way… Missing one or ten stories to pass the time… Drafting a completely new project that should be out in no particular time… and as if none of that was enough to drive me into the grave… still at least one more rewrite on my latest novel… Once I find the motivation that comes with time… that project should hopefully be out by the end of the year… Promises though are hard to keep… never say never… never say ever… but someone has to say something… Hope all is well… Here it is all just the same…

Layne Ambrose

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