Broken Thoughts… Disconnecting… Drifting Away…

If I could leave would I?
If any of this really mattered
Would I walk or would I stay?
Ideally my ideals don’t mean much to me
Deep rooted sense of entitlement
Think I’m so much better than I really am
Thoughts seem to go on and on
Without making any sense
Trading one problem for another
Life is so troublesome at times
I’m a long ways from home
Too many words wasted on a dying mast
Skinned stretched tight… I begin…
Set sail for places unknown on broken bones
Words of wisdom… wasted on a dying mass
Good plague… the right change in the wind
Could really go a long ways… wrong again…

Trying again and again… as though the results have ever varied…

Tangled up and tied down
From my wrists to my ankles
Around my throat it won’t let go
It doesn’t know what it does
It only knows how to consume
Gripping and ripping
The flesh is starting to tear
Who ever said this was done
A voice in the distance… calling
Screaming and begging for more
Who ever said this was okay
A voice in the distance… weeping
Skin to skin… bone to bone…
This feeling I’ve come to know
Tightening against my throat
The deeper I go… tighter the control
Consuming me from head toe
It doesn’t let go…
This love of yours…

I’m not as fucking sociable… as I seem…

I’d run if I thought it would mean anything
Same useless self no matter where I go
Thoughtless and pointless to fight this any further
Escaping my skin would be a waste of time
Still the same person buried deep within
Hopelessly waiting for everything to change
A thousand tiny paper cuts… what it takes to live…

Broken Thoughts

I was thinking about making some merch with… “I’m not as fucking sociable… as I seem”… But I’m 99% sure that… no one would get the point and still talk to me… It is a never ending battle avoiding humanity… at least on your own terms… and this is where I pitch that you purchase my book and comment about how awesome I am… Don’t fear… I don’t miss the irony either…

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If you enjoy Broken Thoughts let me know down below… negative comments get approved without my consent… Builds character I’ve been told… Good luck trying to make it hurt though… Been dying to feel something inside… for a while now… Don’t forget to smash that like button and tug on that bell to subscribe…

Hope all is well…

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