Broken Thoughts… A Small Number Of Incidences…

Feeling left behind
A thought from before
Confined to know
Wished for more
But this is all I seem to be
A left behind feeling
Full of wants and needs
Misgivings and desperation

The only thing I’m even good at is being worthless…

The words slip away
In time they won’t mean the same
Things I had to say
Each day a new page to burn away
Doesn’t matter anymore but
I feel everything any way
A pointless existence leading nowhere
The memories never stay the same
In time they become something less
Things I had to do
Each day another page to drift away
Doesn’t lead to anything but
I feel everything any way
Breathing in air to waste it away
Eating to sustain a reasoning
Sleeping to erase what it means
The words slip away
Meant to explain how I feel
But I don’t feel anything any more

I’ll bury the world in words before I’m done…

A desperation you can feel
Leads to an unwillingness to heal
Riding it out for all that it is worth
Taking in these feelings beyond hurt
Know that there is more left from before
How I loved you even from the floor
A broken mass… a love that couldn’t last
Said I would go away
Turns out you couldn’t stay

Broken Thoughts


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