Broken Thoughts… With All My Scars…

Can’t escape this feeling trapped inside my head
Stabbing and digging until there’s nothing left
It hurts more than I can understand
Can’t escape this feeling like it will never end
Stabbing and digging until this is all that is left
Hurts more than I’m willing to submit
Can’t escape this feeling inside my head
Can’t escape this feeling that I want it to end…
With all my scars stabbing and digging
I don’t know how else to feel like me
Can’t escape this feeling this is who I am
Lies… twisting inside my head…
How I feel and what it is… two very different things
Can’t remember when I can’t forget
I’m only trying to live with my disease
Not give into it… these feelings in my head…

Well… they just didn’t know… If you never listen… you never will…

Walking down to the end of the line
Speaking in tongues to myself
Thought maybe I said something profound
Only repeating words I heard in my head
Marching along to the end of the line
Clearer at the edge than the beginning
Thought maybe I said something profound
Only repeating words I place in my head
Sprinting down to the end of the line
Step by step getting to where I’m going
Recalling memories of my times gone by
Seemed so much worse than it really was
Things seem so clear after they’re done
Crawling my way to the end of the line
Believed maybe I had said something profound
Only recalling words I knew in my head
Dragging my broken corpse across the finish line
Thought maybe I discovered a better way
Too late to take back what I couldn’t hear
This isn’t a race… it’s a fucking marathon…

We are probably not alone…

I’m going to have to ask you to leave
It is the only positive… polite thing to do
Staring into the dark the wood begins to rot
Waited here long enough… never bothered to show
Thank you again for showing me the way
I wasn’t hungry… but everything ends all the same
It is alarming how little you’ve seemed to notice
The children have all grown up… sleeping in their graves
Smile along as if you know the words to this song
A day gone by is a day already lived in my eyes
Adding them up doesn’t mean we’ve changed
Not tonight at least… not tomorrow if we’re lucky
It’s really hard to get that kind of money
Doesn’t make much sense if you’re asking me
What are we worth with all these broken bones?
When I’ll I’m really doing is trying to live
Left town too soon after… to find out what I found
Get some rest but know I won’t be check in later
Truth is I don’t miss you as much as I thought I would
It is the only positive… polite thing to say…
When there’s nothing left to replace this hole in me

Broken Thoughts

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