Broken Thoughts… So It Goes…

Get in together and sit down
Sit still and let the abyss take you in
Succumbing to fears that aren’t there
Pressed upon the sides of the page
The little things that drive me insane
Can’t think when they settle in
Violence pressing upon the skin
Starting and stopping
Seeing isn’t always believing
Stepping and stomping on all the dreams
Moments of life and perceived death
There is no justice where the is no end
Spinning out of control all at once again
Blood on the streets
Blood resting at your feet
Wasn’t enough to change anything
Wasn’t ever going to be enough
To even satisfy me… not like before

World’s full of talented people… Not a lot of vacancy for lucky ones…

Standing next to the falls
The water doesn’t feel real at all
A mist washing over me
Memories of a place I cannot be
The noise gets louder inside my head
Drowning out the places I have to be
There’s no mystery here standing with me
Never belonged anywhere I’ve managed to be
Keep wandering on in my head… feet marching long
Until I’m standing next to these great big falls
The mist washing over me… and the memories are gone

History is not written by our actions… but what is believed to be our actions…

Everyone can see it but it’s personal
It’s good enough for me… good enough for me
The last night is there something I need to know about
Parallel universes and how this all came about
Seems as though we have the time… but we don’t
Do we really need to speak about the rhythm and the motion
Seems like now or never and never is really winning out
The emotions of a passion gone beyond stale
Do the words matter even when they are not there?
Lining up a second existence is going to be crucial to how this is
Cold dead eyes and black pupil stare… future insight
Wasn’t so sure any of this really mattered before
At the end though I knew the truth wasn’t for the faint of heart
Go ahead and say… I’m sure now was the best of times too

Broken Thoughts

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