Broken Thoughts… With Beds Under Bridges…

No one will ever find the bodies… I hope
I made sure of it this time… I believe
All you really need to know to move on
Is that I’m no longer hunger… satisfied at best
Not like before or maybe ever again
And it wasn’t three it was only the two
Important information when they come asking
Details they say will always do you in
Facts become weapons in the war of lies
Stop smiling… not everything can rhyme
Had to be done I suppose… I’ve been told
Depends on who you’ve been asking
My advice is to not ask me anything
Because I probably don’t agree… honestly
The evidence to the reason is too overwhelming
Something had to be done the voices said
Have been saying in this echo chamber… my head
Sweeping up the ashes of this society
Wasn’t going to be enough and I believe them
This time that is
Not like before or maybe ever again
Did what I had to do to get through
Might be time for you as well to decided
What is and what isn’t… best for you…

I dream… and I no longer know why…

With beds under bridges
Our homes could be anywhere
Constantly moving… perpetually
Endlessly nowhere at all  
Freedom is not where you are
But where your mind has gone
Since you’ve last checked in
Mines gone from here to there
And back again… further than you thought
But not far enough in the scheme of things
Unstuck in time there’s really no place left to go
With beds on wheels they only seem to roll
Downhill… across the soul… but they don’t seem to go
Very far when they run out of fuel… unreliable
It is all very impractical I know… unreasonable
To believe from death to birth we’d ever get far
When life prefers the order of birth to death
The outcome though… I’m afraid… is the same…
Insert some warm thoughts…
Insert all the times we’ve been down…
Life is fun I guess… so long as… it levels out

Always remember God is watching… Got nothing better to do…

Lost and lonely… introverted thoughts
A disease… with no cure
Eating away at my attention
No longer know who to believe
A cycle… of words and lies
Wash away only to come back again
Everything moves in rhythms
While I drown standing still
No longer willing to paddle
Only drifting against my will
Lost and lonely… introverted ideas
A sickness… with no vaccination
Sucking up all my intentions
No longer know what to believe
A sequence… of arguments and reality

Broken Thoughts

No one was asking… and if they were I’d probably still say the same thing… The simplest of things is more complicated than we know… takes longer than we are willing to commit… and isn’t even what we thought it was to begin with…

This is a picture… again no one was asking… and I got tired of waiting…

Everything is a version of itself… from start to finish these things take more steps than a crooked staircase leading to nowhere… the ideas presented here and now… are no more finished then when they started out in my head… Not until they get printed… if they get printed… and even then… even after hours working each word into place… after formatting everything to fit the page… I’ll still be pissed that I never seemed to get it right… Finished or given up?… I can’t tell the difference…

I’ve started a Patron…

Please send all loose change… food scraps… and anything of equal or lesser value to what is found on this website… details in bio…

(Please refrain from sending souls… vials of blood… bodily fluids or anything of the like… The Post Office… Patron… 96.66% of Christians… aren’t into it… Trust me we are equally… if not more… disappointed by this…)

Tune in next week where I will be addressing ellipses and why I use them… It’s going to be riveting…  


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