Broken Thoughts… I Need You To Guide Me There…

When the lord comes calling
Where will you stand amongst the rest?
On bended knees or somewhere else
Will you be shouting to the heavens
Or calling out to the great below?
A fire may rain down upon the world
A voice may call out amongst the filth
The sound of your echo spreads across the land
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Lord Lucifer
Whom have you given your life
When the lord comes calling know they will ask
Where will you rest among the dead?
Upon bended knees or somewhere else?
Just how you’ve always imagined all along

Willing to do whatever it takes… except with it takes…

Waiting for no reason at all
Listening to sad songs time forgot
No energy for anything else
Looking for the purpose to not feel
How I always seem to feel
That nothing but the end means anything
Head smashing against the concrete
Still feel the same. Negative and out of place
Cheering myself on to find the end
Rather than my place in all of this
Blood resting on the concrete
No more will to punish myself any further
Wanted more than this feeling locked in me
Up hill battle fought from within
There’s no winning if I just give in

A crow with flames for wings wants me dead… at least that’s what it said…

To the end of time
We will march and kill
March and kill
We will march and kill
March and kill
Not how I want it
Only how it is
It seems all we know
Is how to march and kill
March and kill
We will march and kill
March and kill

Broken Thoughts

It is a day like any else… a day like the last… and a day that we have yet to live… It was a day… and today is that day…

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