Broken Thoughts… With Windburned Skin…

Taking longer than I thought
Death doesn’t come as swiftly
As they said it would
Locked away it is no wonder
No one and nothing comes knocking
Wish I had done more
With all this time that I had
Taking in feelings of regret by looking around
Must be a kind gift handed down from above
God must not exist outside of my head
But what they’ve done is more than enough

A distance from here to there comes back around again…

When I can I know I’ll escape
Been waiting a while now
For the right time to say
Fuck it all, overtly loud and very clear
Taking on feelings of remorse
Must be some kind of gift left laying around
God must have never existed in my head
A myth I tell people to hear their plans
Either way they’ve done some pretty fucked up things

The parts I can’t explain are the parts you don’t know…

The words are sinking into a thought
The meaning of which doesn’t come as swift
Not like I imagined it would
Locked away it is no wonder
No one and nothing understands what I’ve said
Wish I had more to explain
With all this time I had to waste
Taking on feelings of repentance or is it shame?
Either way it has to be some kind of gift
Or this God inside my head
Would have ended this suffering already
At least that’s what they said

Broken Thoughts

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