And Other Things From This Time…


I often wonder what it feels to die
Does it feel like I do now
All alone with no one to talk too
I do this to myself
Yet I don’t know the answers to my own questions
I often wonder how soon
Will all this prove to be meaningless
They say you pave your own way
But what if it’s not true
What if this is nothing more than a collection
Of me and you
I often wonder about God
Am I him or is it you
All reason would lead to nothing at all
I feel like I know what I’m saying
But in the end it all seems to come out the same
Blood in blood out and all that shit
Maybe life is nothing more than a brotherhood
Of bull shit
I do this to myself
Get all upset for no good reason
I often wonder what it feels to die
And I know it has to feel like this

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Something Different…

Into Reality

Lies, lies we tell ourselves to get by
Everyone is standing in their windows
Hoping to get noticed, but everyone is too busy
Ignoring the people in their shitty lives
A generation raised on hiding, despising
Falsified documents made to look like lives
Every ones opinion locked away in a data bank
What did you do today?
Nothing the same as always
Who wants to hear the truth, infliction
What you mean, the words get twisted
Infections, choose properly or be torn down
Shit upon, dragged around and forgotten
This is the world in which we live our lives

Layne Ambrose

Speaking of… we have twitter handles… and we can be found on Instagram… well I can be… because I’m the most sociable of all of us… and that isn’t saying much… also most of us have souls… still very much on sale… to be honest though most of them are worn pretty thin… but if you need a soul… I’ve never needed one… but if you need one beggars can’t be choosers… and we’ve got a couple of good ones left…



Broken Thoughts… Scrapping Together…

Blood drains from the soul
Body goes numb and the brain goes cold
Separation between church and state
Separation between body and soul
The world is ending and you were all told

Well good luck, you make a difference if you just give up…..

I want to cut my throat
Bathe in my blood
Just to feel how it would be
To be me for once
Drag me through dirt
Drag my cross to my grave
Everywhere I go
People want to tell me how to live
But nothing is ever good enough

The simplest of things… can mean more than you believe…

I can feel myself as I bleed
I bleed for you and I bleed for me
The weeping angles can’t stop repeating
“God why are you doing this to me?”
It all started, the bleeding that is
When I asked the simple question
“Do you still really believe?”
Lies are truths and truths are lies
What if I told you that nothing was real
That real is only a state of mind

God chose this so you can suffera test unlike any other…

The Devil is an asshole but so are you
The witches were burned because they
Were feared, holy called unholy mistakes
That we teach, no one can tell you how
To live, no one can tell you what to do
But somehow they do

A little bit of everything in this one… In the early days there wasn’t much in the way of direction… Sow it together and hope for the best… Not much has changed from then to now… but time takes longer than we have time for… living by the words… living by the seat of our pants… put something out and see what happens…

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