The demon it sleeps, waking only for the sound of broken bonesA ringing that snaps the consciousness, a fear steeped in bloodFighting the demon requires an understandingA contract of self-defecation, A knowing of constant failureThere can be no winner when all is lostThe stones tell a story of loss and misguidanceA reason to know that […]

I Will Find You I can feel everything come pouring outA long suicide letter to myselfStretched out, I’m destroyedBroken shell leaking out all that is leftIf only I had knownIf only I was toldCould I have changed my waysWould I have not succumbed to my fateI can feel all that there ever wasA long memory […]

Before I’d KnownSuffering to sufferChoking to drownBreaking up the thoughtsA list of shitCounting all the reasons to dieA method of self destructionRepent for sins uncommittedStruggling to struggleDrowning to chokeShattering the thoughtsA broken mind of shitListing out the reasons to liveA method of self deprecationForgiving sins uncommittedSelf reliance is masturbationPlaying God is fireThe devil had me […]