Descending I forge a pathI forge ahead of the restIn the endLeft in the backI dance before I awakeCovered up for goodYet it is all the sameVisualize in my mindThere’s not much left to hideMy soul bleeds openAs if cut or tornMy mind like one big woundI was lost and I still amTime doesn’t heal […]

Long Legitimate Regret There is a war within myselfOne that can not be won with blood and gutsThis can’t be the endBut I fear that it mustEach day is a plague within itselfA lost cause of hopeful redemptionOne that could only do better with mass amputationA removal of myselfA separation of mind from bodyI hope […]

Not the Answer Sex is an ugly thingDo what you have to doThen it’s all overI write because I have toThen it’s all overI’d stay and talkBut I have to writeThis all overA process with meaningStill no answersAtheism is a questionIs there a God?Or am I only aloneSold a million booksReprised the questionWhy am I […]

People get way too hyped up over these fucking holidays. They are made up, by us no less, they do not matter, so take the dildo stuck up your ass and pull it down a notch. Working in a grocery store is insanity on high. There is a holiday every fucking month and yet still […]

The demon it sleeps, waking only for the sound of broken bonesA ringing that snaps the consciousness, a fear steeped in bloodFighting the demon requires an understandingA contract of self-defecation, A knowing of constant failureThere can be no winner when all is lostThe stones tell a story of loss and misguidanceA reason to know that […]

I Will Find You I can feel everything come pouring outA long suicide letter to myselfStretched out, I’m destroyedBroken shell leaking out all that is leftIf only I had knownIf only I was toldCould I have changed my waysWould I have not succumbed to my fateI can feel all that there ever wasA long memory […]

Into Reality Lies, lies we tell ourselves to get byEveryone is standing in their windowsHoping to get noticed, but everyone is too busyIgnoring the people in their shitty livesA generation raised on hiding, despisingFalsified documents made to look like livesEvery ones opinion locked away in a data bankWhat did you do today?Nothing the same as […]