Broken Thoughts… Because No One Knows…

There is a darkness
It lurks around every corner
A sadness I can’t help
But to feel
An empathy I can’t help
But let it bring me down
There is a darkness
I can feel it down in my bones
A sadness I can’t help
But to know
An empathy I can’t help
But let it hold me down
There is an infinite sadness
Resting in my chest
A sadness I can’t help
But to accept…

Silently hoping it will all go away… nothing works this way…

Thoughts trapped in my head
Words and conversations
That can’t come to light
Losing sight of what matters most
Spinning in and out of control
Does it matter if nothing is
Like it was before?
Stuck in my head
Dealing with all the things
You have said
What matters when nothing ever did?
Which means the most?
What you’ve said or the silence in between?
Torn until there was nothing left
Took until there was no reason
Confusion takes its toll
What is real and what is what it is
Thoughts trapped in my head
About what it means to regret

Hopeful things to say… when the words have gone away…

Passively I think I have become
Something different from what I was
Given into all my horrible tendances
To blame, to shame, to not forgive
The worst of us I have become
Something so different than I was
My darkness has taken over
The will to condemn those around me
Forgiveness has escaped me
Burn those against their own flames
To hate, to rage, to not understand
Passively I have become
So different from who I was
Gave into all my intolerable tendances
Sad reflection of all the things around me

Broken Thoughts


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